These pictures illustrate Ellen Cantor's design philosophy. If a room has a good beginning, it can be revised without great expense and look brand new without replacing every piece of furniture.

1981 - The sofas were customed designed to maximize the seating in the Living Room. Not shown are 2 chairs.

1991 - To bring the room into the 90's, Ellen removed the chandelier and replaced it with recessed lights. Beveled strips were added to the fireplace. The walls were faux-painted. New pillows were added to update the color scheme.

2004 - The 1981 sofas were redesigned (see new feet) and recovered with a grass-cloth material that set the tone for the new design concept--Contemporary Asian. The walls and the fireplace (mirror removed) were redone with Venetian Plaster--a faux-painting process that uses paint and marble mixed together. The cabinets were replaced with glass shelves. Bamboo shades, mountain grass carpet and a new coffee table complete the Asian theme.